​About Touch

Touch is a full-service marketing and public relations firm with a dedicated focus on community and business development. Our mission is to bridge gaps between individuals, businesses, and communities. Our work focuses on collaborating with organizations that aim to evolve or bring awareness to advancement opportunities, cultural experiences or socioeconomic issues.
Concurrently, we work with startups and small businesses to educate and provide agency level resources and services for a fraction of the cost. The targeted professionals and entrepreneurs we support, are often the grassroot leaders that our large corporate and nonprofit clients are looking to engage. With intent, Touch has positioned itself as a liaison between grassroots and grasstops organizations. 

Our Mission

We contribute to the progress of communities and the businesses within them by aligning our work with the entities that have impact or influence on socioeconomic development.

Our Vision

By investing in small businesses, while serving the infrastructures that support them, we create future jobs for local and regional economic stability. 

"Marketing should never be used as some sort of gimmick, magic trick or manipulative tactic. The best marketing connects authentically, and creates loyal customers for life.

 When done right, your brand should begin to sell itself. "

- Chardonnay Graham, CEO

What We Do

With a touch of traditional, grassroots and guerilla marketing strategies, we organically connect and build authentic relationships with your audience, coupled with an intention to fill gaps between the organization we serve by identifying and creating opportunities for collaboration. 

​Our Services

With Touch, you can count on a reliable, creative team equally invested to win.

Project Management 

Every project with Touch begins with discovery to assess goals, desired outcomes and the risks associated with your project. 
  • Special events
  • Campaign Launches
  • Fundraisers

Marketing & Public Relations 

Our strategic marketing and public relations plans assesses industry data, consumer behavior, demographic and geographics to build engaging campaigns.

  • Marketing management
  • Crisis communication and media relations
  • Print and broadcast media plus advertising

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing strategies incorporate the major marketing channels down to the micro influencers most related to your goals. We know how to use minimum dollars to generate a big reach. 
  • Social media marketing
  • Website design and management
  • SEO audits and Google Analytics
  • Online advertising

Community Outreach

We are committed to involving the civic leaders of the communities we  serve to ensure our strategic plans are inclusive of not only the clients goals, but the audiences they aim to reach.

  • Focus groups
  • Town Halls
  • Grassroots marketing

Press and Client Features

We represent our clients every step of the way, and walk the talk by stewarding work that supports our mission.

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A new web series that gives homage to Cleveland's seniors leaders, called Roses: Living Legends


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Cleveland marketing firm launches YouTube series highlighting some of the city’s most important Black leaders over 70.

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Cleveland Power of Sport Summit is bringing change to our community.